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uControlDrink are revolutionising the way therapy and treatment is provided to those suffering with alcohol addiction.

Led by Dr Conor Farren and Anne Neary, UControlDrink was founded to provide engaging and interactive therapy for people experiencing problems with alcohol. 


Develop a digital platform to enable the delivery, consumption and and management of alcohol recovery therapy for therapists and patients.

What we did

Following a extensive research phase we set about delivering a

a web/ mobile platform that would provide patients and therapists with the tools and information to manage their alcohol problem.

Patients can download the app and use the tools to gain a better understanding of their problem, manage it day to day and log/share information with their therapist. The app also delivers the therapy programme designed by uControl, including video therapy, case studies and worksheets.

Ongoing engagement is encouraged via automatic push notifications and features such as the drink log and trigger/activity diary.

On the professional side, Therapists can manage their patient lists and view activity/progress via a secure website.


uControlDrink is currently being piloted by a large healthcare trust and will be rolled out in the near future. We hope it will make a huge difference to people who are living with alcohol problems.


Origin immediately grasped our vision for our UControlDrink venture. Their creative and strategic thinking helped us refine the direction of the business and their design and technical excellence enabled us to bring the product to life. We now have an online therapy platform which can take to the world and digital partner who can help us grow and develop it.

– Anne Neary (UControlDrink)