Content Marketing

Content is key

The importance of Content Marketing and the information on your website is crucial for several reasons:

  • First, you want to provide relevant content to your audience that adds value to them. If a customer is comparing the market, it’s crucial to provide them with enough facts to help influence their decision making process.
  • Content and how it is structured on your website plays a huge part in how visible your website is on search engines.
  • Content needs to be fresh, new and informative. With millions of websites generating new daily content, yours needs to stand out from the crowd.
  • Online, you have just 7 seconds to grab your customers attention and communicate your proposition. If you can’t do this, you’ve lost the sale.
  • Social media content also gives some weight and consideration!

How to develop a Content Marketing Strategy

At Origin Digital we develop content strategies to fit your business whilst appealing to your customer and enhancing your brand’s awareness. Whether it’s a blog, social media post or email campaign, we can plot out and deliver a timeframe of activity that helps drive profitable customer action. That way we can get into a rhythm of publishing a consistent flow of content that is both engaging and original.

What should I include in my content strategy?

Various ideas can feed into your content strategy. Be prepared to share insightful knowledge with your audience so that they learn from your business through fun facts on social media, useful tips on a blog or even ‘how to’ videos. We will established a day to day level of content for your business to ensure that your digital footprint is constantly developing and you are adding real value to your customers both pre and post purchase.

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