Million Aircover


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Million Aircover is a new innovative insurance policy, perfect for anyone who’s a nervous flyer! If you have a fear of travelling by plane, you can now put your mind at ease by securing flight insurance. This means that if anything happened during the flight which resulted in your demise, your loved ones would still be well looked after (to the tune of £1m).

So when you ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen, there is still a £1m upside!

Supported by Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, Million Aircover appointed Origin Digital to develop a new website that would help see their brand take flight.

What we did for Million Aircover

We delivered a bespoke website that would easily let future flyers purchase online insurance. By integrating with a real time flight information service, users can enter their details and flight reference number to retrieve an online quote and buy their policy. Then they can take their flight, safe in the knowledge that they have all bases covered.

Good luck with your journey Million Aircover!

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