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Certas App

The concept of a ‘connected home’ is rapidly growing as consumers avail of technology to satisfy their needs. Nowadays, many devices communicate through home wifi networks or Bluetooth… including our latest app for Certas Energy – Smart Monitor!

Certas commissioned Origin Digital to develop a remote oil level monitoring app that would allow users to stay in control of their oil tank levels all year round, from any location.

Primary Objectives 

The app would need to enhance users’ experience and satisfy queries, such as:

  • “what’s my current oil tank level?”
  • “how much oil am I using?”
  • “when am I likely to run out of oil?”
  • “when do I need to order oil?”

What We Did

Gone are the days of manually checking oil levels. Using the latest IOT technology, Origin integrated the Smart Monitor app into existing Oil Watchman technology systems, allowing oil levels to be checked remotely. Extending this functionality further, the app also collates users’ consumption data, presenting it to them it an easy to understand way and the app remotely shows them:

  • how much oil they use on a daily basis
  • when they are likely to run out of oil
  • on-demand oil level readings
  • heating oil usage and consumption data

Smart Monitor also uses push notifications to alert consumers of any peaks or dips in oil levels – helping to identify potential leaks or let them know when it’s time to order more oil.

Smart Monitor is now available for download on App stores!